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Getting yourself involved in property-related projects is not always the best idea if you are trying to live your life peaceful and without too many things disturbing you. Anyone who reads us would think we are scaring him or her and will decide to not go for the project in mind. But despite what we just said, we are aware that some projects and problems are inevitable and also, not everything is bad in the process.

In our opinion, getting into a project that involved renovating, remodeling, or maybe building a property is interesting and exciting. Sure, you will be busy, have a lot of work, and will need some help to get everything done and in place. But in the end, you will notice how much everything paid off. That being said, do you have any project in mind? If you do? Maybe it has something to do with the roofing system of your property?

In the first place, if you are here that means you are trying to get some information about your roof and how you can get it done—installing a roofing system, dealing with repairs, etc. What we can tell you will depend on the specific project you have in mind. So, here are a few questions:

  • Are you trying to install a new roof? 
  • Do you need some help with some repairs? 
  • What about performing maintenance for the existing roof? 
  • Are you dealing with a damaged or old roof? 
  • Do you have a challenging project that requires contractors? 
  • Are you having a hard time trying to decide what roofing system to install?

Since our answer depends on which question you answer with a ‘yes’, what about focusing on general with them for now? If you are having problems or ideas that are related to those questions or are completely related, you will need to find a professional that can help you with them.

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Roofing projects in general are difficult to deal with due to how dangerous they can be. It is quite simple to get involved in accidents and getting hurt during the process. Besides, it is difficult to get the results you want unless you are willing to take some training and gain some experience in the field. Many property owners believe it is not that hard to install certain roofs or deal with them in general.

Therefore, they decide to go for the project or deal with the problem without even considering the idea of hiring a professional roofer. It is not easy to get everything done, and even if you want to do it on your own you will always need assistance and help. Now, based on the previous questions, what can we do for you?

Our company Florida Metal Roofers of Hialeah is specialized in the roofing industry but also for metal roofs. In this industry, many roofing systems are popular among commercial and residential owners at the same time, and the reason we have asked all these questions so far is that we also want to know, with what do you need help? If in your projects there is a metal roof involved in some way, you can count on us to help you with every dilemma and idea you have in your hands and mind. Knowing this, we can now focus on answering the questions before, and according to your answer, you will know what to do when trying to contact us.

Do you need to install a new roof? 

Then, go for a metal roof among all the services available. Unlike what people believe, metal roofs are amazing in every characteristic and feature. Many are scared of how they might look after being installed and as a result, they end up not giving them the chance. If you are here trying to find a new roofing system for your old or new property, you should definitely consider any of the systems available in metal. 

First, you will have a durable and long-lasting roof that will resist and last two or three times more than any other roof in the market. Second, you will obtain stunning designs by just taking the time to go over all the profiles and colors available. Finally, if you have preferences for tiles and shingles instead of panels—which are the ones you must have seen installed the most—you can obtain them with a metal roofing system. Now, if you make the decision of installing a metal roof, you can contact our team to help you with the project. 

We want you to rely on us because we are one of the top companies that deliver installations in Florida. Besides, we have known many property owners who handled a metal roof installation themselves and we would be lying if we say all of them were poorly installed. But we can summarize our opinion: they were not perfect either. The first-time installation for any roof is crucial, but for metal roofs, the relevance increases since you can prevent many problems and repairs from taking place in the future. 

With a good installation, you will only need to worry about maintenance, a few holes, some fasteners out of place, and leaks from time to time. Problems that are quite common among roofing systems.

Do you need help with repairs?

Since we are only focusing on metal roofs, you can already tell that everything we offer is related to them. That being said, do you already have one installed on your property?

We are happy to know that! That means you are also trying to get access to some specific services that do not include installations. Repairs are the most common services requested in our company after installations, but despite how it sounds, it is not because metal roofs are not resistant or durable. The reason behind people needing so many repairs is because our company offers services to the entire state of Florida, mostly cities and towns in Miami-Dade County.

As a result, we have to help many property owners that need experienced and qualified roofers to deal with their systems. Metal roofs are not too hard to deal with when it comes to repairs. As we mentioned before, you can avoid many of them when installing them properly. But what happens when the person in charge of your metal roofs did not deliver the best installation?

Well, here is when most of the problems start and appear after a few years. Some serious repairs include gutter in the walls or stucco, filtrations, separations, and more. Those usually require a lot of work because it does not take a few hours to repair but rather a few days. But if you are someone who had our company installing it or a similar one with good services, you should not think too much about those.

Instead, you will worry about simple holes, leaks, some fasteners and nails that need to be replaced, and maybe applying some recoating to the panels or shingles. Most of the repairs are done during periodical maintenance, but if you notice something only shortly after your maintenance or when you know the entire service is not required, just contact us and we will be there to handle the repair.

Perform maintenance in your metal roof

Since we just mentioned before, let’s get into this topic. Maintenance is something that every roofing system needs, and don’t let anyone fool you with this. It is true that, in the case of metal roofs, you do not need to perform them as often as other roofs. After all, they resist more damage, handle any weather condition, and as long as you keep them in check by being aware of some damage it receives or special situations, there is nothing you should worry about. 

Therefore, when your metal roof is clean and does not seem to give problems, you can easily perform maintenance once or twice a year. We were serious about it not being necessary all the time. Just think about it in this way: 

A concrete tile roof—for example—will always need more maintenance since the tiles can break, crack, shrink, or give you a hard time overall. But for metal tile roofs—in specific—you do not need to worry about those issues, which makes your system more durable and saves you from performing maintenance so often. But this does not mean you can forget about it. 

Make sure to schedule maintenance with us every 6 or 5 months, or if your roof seems like support for a whole year, we will let you know.

Is your metal roof too damaged or old?

There is always a chance for everything, and this is no exception for metal roofs. They can get damaged, expire at some point, and give you a hard time when they are not brand-new. Since metal roofs can last for over 40 decades and even 60, you can picture the problems you will have when they expire or an external source damages them after a few years. When this happens, you have three options: you can either re-roof, retrofit, or replace it.

Most property owners are aware of the last one since it sounds more logical and common. Replacing a metal roof is something that is not frequent at all and even so, we are experienced with it. But if you can avoid it, you should. Replacement is always a bit more expensive than usual services, after all, you are getting rid of the old one in order to get a new one installed.

Even when in our company we do our best to offer the best rates, it is hard to determine how much a replacement would cost, especially if it is due to a damaged roof. Now, since it is not the only option you can easily consider re-roofing or retrofitting. Both are not only alternatives to avoid replacing it but also to make sure your roof pays off every single investment. And it will thank its ROI, but in the case of those two, it is about adding support and extra elements to the roofing system to guarantee more durability and longevity.

Re-roofing is about installing new panels or parts of your roof to deal with the most damaged or the oldest ones. While retrofitting consists of installing structures like roof huggers that add support and help you to get more elements placed like panels to reflect heat or cool down the property. Our company will assist you with any of them and even help you to determine which one is the best option according to your needs and budget.

Do you have some unique and special projects in mind? 

Many people come to our property and ask about some ‘services’ that do not exist. Why is that? Because they are trying to get some projects done or deal with a few problems that maybe they don’t find to see a fit for the services we have available. Well, it is hard to have a specific service for everything when you can just offer assistance and support in what property owners need. 

This is our case, at least. At Florida Metal Roofers of Hialeah, we made sure to have the best contractors and roofers, which means you can access professionals and reach out to us for any project. Our contractors are the ones who will take care of all your projects and help to solve problems in the process. Therefore, if there is something you have in mind and does not seem like a fit for our services, you do not need to push yourself into finding the right one. 

Just let us know what it is and we will assign a group of contractors for it that we know will help you with every single step.

You don’t know what roofing system you should install? We can help with that

Determining or making a decision about what roofing system you are going for is one of the things that takes more time for property owners, and we completely understand why. There are too many options available and you don’t know which one will give you what you want and expect. Now, the reason we will suggest you go for metal roofs is not only due to our company and its field but also for your benefit.

So far, we haven’t told you what is so special about them but just mentioned durability and longevity. Those are indeed the most important and relevant benefits of metal roofs, but did you know you are able to obtain any design and profile you want? We were serious about this and all it will take is some time to go over the options available. Also, metal roofs offer what many cannot: save energy and protect the planet.

Thanks to the characteristic of metal roofs reflecting the heat and sunlight, you can easily get a property less hot and save money and energy in the process. It is also possible to recycle every part of the roofing system, which helps to not add more dirt and debris to the planet. So far, so good, right?

Well, when you make the decision of installing a metal roof, here is the other challenge: you need to decide which one you will install.

How to choose your metal roofing system. 

Even when you know the type of roof you want to install; you still have a long way to go. We do not want to take too long not because we don’t have time but rather because it can be confusing to explain this and leave a long page behind. So, we want to make it simple for you and answer the question right away: you choose it based on each decision. 

Some property owners have in mind the roofing system they want and just go for it. The same happens when this roofing system is between the metal options available. You can easily go to the Internet and search for something you like or very similar to it. But even when you do this, you still need to make some decisions you might not know when searching about it. The first thing you need to do when choosing your metal roof is to decide which material you are going to use: 

  • Aluminum. 
  • Steel. 
  • Copper. 
  • Zinc. 

To give you a quick classification, copper and zinc are considered the premium options in this market while aluminum and steel are not only accessible but rather cheap. 

Now, you don’t have to feel pressure in choosing the most expensive ones to get a good result. Aluminum and steel are awesome and with the additions like coating and paint, there is nothing to envy from the other two. Going to the decision, you usually decide the material based on three aspects: the climate and location of the city, and if you want to use panels, shingles, or tiles. 

Aluminum is better for cities located near the coast since it is the most salt-water resistant metal in the group. While steel is better for certain designs that include tiles or shingles. When you have both things clear, you can start choosing the specific roof you want. Also, the colors, paint, coating, texture, and additions. 

It is not that hard to choose it when you literally go step by step, but you can get a bit lost in so many options available. Therefore, here is a quick process for you: 

  1. Choose the metal you want to use among the 4 different options. 
  2. Consider if you want to use panels, shingles, or tiles. 
  3. Look at metal roofs with the specific material and design you want in terms of shape. 
  4. Think about the final design you want: traditional, modern, or architectural. 

Based on the previous ones, you can start choosing colors, coating, and textures—the last one is IF it applies according to the roof you chose.

How can you know you are getting the right metal roof?

When you take all the previous steps, it is very hard to mess up your decision, but not impossible. It is hard for us to tell you why you will know it is the metal roof for you. So, instead of just telling you many things at the same time, we will make sure to give you some examples of the ones you can choose.

If you are trying to obtain a modern design that has a smooth surface, you can go for a standing seam which is a panel that runs vertically in the roof and only has a raised feature in the area where the panels join. That being said, you can go for a traditional one by using stone-coated steel, which is very similar to shingles and with a stone texture. What we will always recommend based on this is to search for referential pictures in order to have a clear idea.

In our company, we can also help you by showing you some properties near your area that have a metal roof very similar to what you are looking for. In this way, you will have the idea quite clear and even get to say, “I want that roof.” Now, if you are still worried about having to wait until you have the roof installed to know if you love it or hate it, you will not have to wait until then.

We will make sure to give you a good example and picture of the final result before finishing the installation so you are 100% certain it is what you want. It is not going to be easy and it will take time, but it is not impossible for us.

For other services and more information about metal roofs and what we can do for you, make sure to contact us and we will be there in no time or our staff will reply to all your questions via phone and email.

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