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One of the most common designs nowadays among property owners—including commercial ones—is the modern one. People love going for a modern style and it makes sense: they want their properties to look top-notch no matter how you see it. Traditional designs are not boring, but when you look at the properties—especially homes—in Miami-Dade County, you know it is not the best choice.

They are all so into the new modernity that you completely forget about the other designs and just want to go for whatever they are doing. And we are not trying to say that you do not have an opinion on your own but rather admit that the design is just stunning and makes you want to have it. Now, how can you obtain it without going with the usual remodeling or renovating options that include painting, new floors, or even get an entire makeover for your property?

Well, you might call us crazy for suggesting something after giving the previous options as examples, but you will understand why sooner than later. Have you considered changing your roofing system?

Roofs are usually underestimated when it comes to obtaining a specific design for the property, and that is because people believe they only have a function: protect everything inside. Also, some properties do not have their roofs showing upfront, which makes people think, “why would I invest time and effort in making it outstand?”

Standing Seam Metal Roof-Florida Metal Roofers of Hialeah
Metal Roofing Systems-Florida Metal Roofers of Hialeah

If you are in this situation, there are many reasons for you to still invest in your roofing system. First, you can obtain something different even when your roof does not show completely. It is impossible for a roof to not even have some presence in a property, so following this idea you have to understand that it influences the final result of your design. That being said, we were talking about modern designs earlier, and the reason we moved from that to roofing is that you will be surprised by what you can obtain for your entire property from this.

For example, if you choose to install a standing seam metal roof to get the modern design you want, you will not have to do anything else. Now, why would we recommend a metal roof? Besides the design you are trying to obtain, you cannot just focus on the look of the roof.

You need to guarantee two things: performance and design. Therefore, whenever you are trying to get a new roofing system either to replace an old one or get one for your new construction, you need to make sure it will not disappoint in the quality. So, standing seam is one of those few options that can guarantee you longevity and durability plus the design you want. But how can you trust a metal roof when you have not to experience it?

We are aware that most people have a bad opinion about roofs and as a result, they do not even think about it. But here is the thing about them: they can surprise anyone who gives them a chance. It is hard to make you understand why until you actually see a metal roof that is not only good in the design but also in the previous aspects we mentioned. 

You need to keep in mind that many of the roofs you have to seem installed are actually made of metal instead of other materials. Knowing this, we can go back to the standing seam roof option: we are sure you have seen some vinyl panels in properties but here is the tricky question, do you really think it is vinyl? 

Standing seam looks just like it, and you will be surprised by how much better it can be. From now on, whenever you look at a property that has a vinyl panel installed as a roof, you will question yourself and that is completely fine. 

If it looks just like vinyl, why go for it?

Many people will say that vinyl is just a better option and they might be right in certain circumstances. But considering several aspects such as:

  • The climate of the city.
  • The structure of your property.
  • The final result you want.
  • The quality of the roof.
  • And the cost.

You can determine that standing seam panels are much better. You will not be disappointed with the durability and longevity of the roof and it will not look like too much either just like vinyl. We can all agree with something: vinyl might look stunning most of the time, but for some properties, it can be too much.

But with the metal option, you will get a smooth surface, an entire panel that runs vertically when placed on the property, and you only have one feature: the raised part of the area where the panels join. This makes it easy to stand out even when it can be simple for some people. Now, before we finish, you need to know that a standing seam roof will offer you over 80% of ROI.

This is why people love it so much. You get to save money since metal roofs, in general, are cheaper than any others. But since they are also so durable and long-lasting, you get most of your investment back since you do not have to spend on many repairs and maintenances over the years.

Knowing all this, you should be able to understand now why we not only recommend it but also have so many people in our company, Florida Metal Roofers of Hialeah, requesting it: 

  • You can save money in the short and long-term. 
  • You get the design you want. 
  • It is a durable and long-lasting roof. 
  • And to mention other benefits: you are saving money in energy bills and helping the ecosystem as well. 

If you are down for a standing seam roof, just make sure to contact us and we will help you to install it right away. Or if you already own one, you can always let us know if you require other services.

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